Pet Memorial Keychains Gifts

pet sympathy memorial key chains customized with photo and poem

Custom Photo Double-Sided Acrylic Pet Memorial Key Chains $12.95

These pet memorial key chains make a wonderful keepsake and a beautiful remembrance gift. These key chains measure 1.5 x 2.75 inches and are made of ultra-durable plastic which is UV resistant and waterproof. Easily upload your pet's photo and customize text. If you need any help with customization, please contact me.

All cards, keychains and customized gifts are purchased direct through The Zazzle promise is if you don't absolutely love it, they take it back within 30 days. Click here for more on Zazzle's Money Back Guarantee. Please contact me if you need any help with customizing your keychain or have a special design request!

pet memorial keychain
Pet Memorial Sympathy Keychain Contented Poem
Dog Memorial Poem Keychain - Do Not Mourn
Pet Memorial Keychain - Poem
Pet Memorial Keychain Do Not Grieve For Me
God's Garden Pet Memorial Keychain
Pet Memorial Poem Key Chain Testimonial

Poem & Prayer Selections Offered (or customize your own)

Prayer for Pets
Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, thank youfor having entrusted us with such a loyal friend. Thank you for letting thisbeautiful animal teach us unselfish love. Thank you for the memories wecan recall to brighten our days for the rest of our lives. Finally, in gratitude,we return our cherished companion to you. Amen.

In Our Hearts Poem
We thought of you today, but that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. We think of you in silence, we often speak your name. Now all we have are memories, and your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake, with which we'll never part, for God has you in His keeping, and we have you in our heart.

God's Garden Poem
God looked around his garden, and found an empty place, He then looked down upon the earth, and saw your tired face. He put his arms around you, and lifted you to rest, God’s garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone, for part of us went with you, the day God called you home.

Contented Poem
Now I am contented that my life it was worthwhile, knowing as I passed along the way I made somebody smile. When you are walking down the street and you’ve got me on your mind, I’m walking in your footsteps only half a step behind. So please don’t be unhappy, just because I’m out of sight, remember that I’m with you, every morning, noon and night.

Do Not Grieve for Me Poem
Do not grieve for me for now I’m free, I’m following the path God set for me. I ran to Him when I heard His call, I wagged my tail and left it all. I could not stay another day, to bark, to love, to romp or play. My life’s been full, you’ve given so much, your time, your love and gentle touch. Perhaps my time seemed all to brief, don’t lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your heart and share with me, God wanted me now, He set me free.

Do Not Mourn My Passing Poem
Do not mourn my passing for if you could only see by slipping all my earthly bonds, I'm young again and free. By day I run the Heavenly fields, my body healthy and strong, at night I sleep at Angels' Feet, lulled by Celestial Song. So do not mourn my passing, just close your eyes - you'll see I'm once again that frisky pup, just as you remember me.

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Personalizing a Keychain
It is easy to upload your photo, add your pet's name, preview and order your customized keychain online. If you need help with customizing, please click here for how to customize your keychain. If you prefer me to customize your keychain for you at no extra charge, please send me an email at, attach your pet's photo and let me know which poem or prayer you are interested in. Please give me 24 hours to reply - I will send you a link so you can preview and purchase your keychain. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or special requests, I want you to have a keepsake that you truly enjoy.