how to customize memorial keychain

How to Customize Your Keychian

The screenshot below shows the page to customize your keychain. Clicking "change" underneath the photo will let you upload your photo and the text fields below that you can input your pet's name. ALL CHANGES WILL SHOW IN THE PREVIEW AREA. Once you are happy with your keychain as it shows in the preview area, you can click "add to cart" and purchase your keychain. See below to adjust the photo.

screenshot how to customize dog memorial keychain

Adjusting the Photo

You may need to adjust the photo to fit the front of the keychain and it is the most common question I am asked. If you prefer me to set-up your keychain for you at no additional charge, just email me at and attach your photo. Please let me know what poem or prayer you are interested in. I do ask that you give me 24 hours to reply (sometimes I step away). For those that like to DIY, see the instructions below:

Tips for a Beautiful Keychain

Use the highest resolution photos you have. Those taken from a digital camera are usually best. Photos that have been saved for the web or are low resolution will not be as sharp and clear. If you have a photo that needs retouching (red eye or bad background) feel free to contact me as I can edit images - I want you to have a keepsake that you will enjoy. If you need any help, feel free to email me at