5 Tips to Help Those Coping With Pet Loss

5 tips to help those to cope with the loss of a pet

5 Tips to Help Those Coping With Pet Loss

There’s nothing more heartwarming than puppy love, which makes losing a pet heartbreaking. Comfort someone who has lost a pet by showing that you understand and care. Anyone who considers a pet as a family member, companion or friend knows just how painful it can be to lose them. After all, this is a pet with whom shared your life with, and with their death comes a huge feeling of loss. And while some may not understand what you’re going through, grieving for that treasured friend or companion should never make you feel guilty or wrong for doing so. It’s your right to mourn however you need to and to feel all your emotions so that you can move on.

But what if you aren’t going through such a loss but a loved one is? How do you help them cope? How do you support them through the trying times?

Respect their wish for some alone time
After losing someone they love, many people like to have some alone time where there aren’t distractions so that they can deal with the loss. When this happens, respect their wish and let them be. Believe it or not, doing so is a great way for you to stay supportive of your friend. It never hurts to check in with them to see how they are and if they need anyone to talk with.

Reassure them that the loss of their pet wasn’t their fault
In cases where children are involved or when health decisions were made (including pet euthanasia), pet loss can invoke feelings of guilt where individuals can feel responsible for the death of their pet. It’s important to talk to them about any concerns and feelings they may have. Also remind them you aren’t going anywhere and you will be there for them every step of the way.

Don’t tell them how to grieve their loss or feel better
One’s grief is their own and no one should tell them how or when to move on. Allow your loved ones to feel whatever they feel without making them feel embarrassed about it. It’s okay for them to cry or not cry, or to have any range of emotions and feelings about the loss. Eventually they will come to remember the joy they had with their pet and move on when they feel ready.

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Create a legacy or memorial
Help your friend prepare a memorial for their pet, compile a scrapbook or album, maybe make a little memorial in the garden or backyard or do whatever idea comes to mind to create a legacy of their pet. Sharing the memories of a treasured pet is also a great way for one to celebrate the life of their lost pet. Remembering the love and devotion they used to share may be just what your friend needs to move on.

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Don’t talk them into getting another pet right away
Give them space to decide when the right time is for them to move on to another pet. For anyone who is looking, PLEASE visit your local animal shelter or simply go online to PetFinder.com. This site features animals that need a home, so please take a moment and check this site out!

Pet Loss Support
Below you will find a list of pet loss support websites, memorial pages, groups and articles on the web for those who would like more information or share their grief and tributes of their cherished friends. Sometimes it may just be best to share your feelings with someone who understands and are going through the same experience as you.

Rainbow Bridge Grief Support Center - Pet Loss Support Website

lightning-strike.com - Pet Loss Support Website

petloss.com - Pet Loss Online Chat

pet-loss.net - Information & Support for Pet Loss

Tufts University Pet Loss Support

pet-memories.com - Free Online Pet Tribute

tribute.perfectmemorials.com - Free Online Pet Tribute

If anyone knows of an excellent pet loss support group or resource, please let me know, I will add it to the list. I am interested only in free support to share. You can email me at julie@julieagifts.com.