Pets and Heaven - My Experience Shared

Pets and Heaven - My Experience

I once used to ponder the question about animals and Heaven, and like most have given quite a bit of thought to the subject of what happens beyond this world. I can tell you I no longer question these things as I had an experience that in an instant changed my understanding and my life in profound ways. Sometimes there comes a moment that changes you forever, as if there was a "before" and "after", and you just cannot ever go back to the before.

My Experience
You see, a couple years back my mother was in hospice...
One night I came home from the hospital and fell asleep and had what I can only describe as a dream. I don't know what else to call it - it was SO real; in fact, even to this day I remember it all so vividly, just like it really happened. My mother appeared in a robe and walked out above me seemingly like on a walkway, except there was none, and the details were incredible. I could see her feet from underneath her robe as she walked, the tassel around her waist, and she just looked great. I do not know where we were, it felt like it was outside and yet inside, no walls, no ceiling, and the color everywhere was just a pastel blue-gray, the same color as her robe. She walked out looking noble, her hands were clasped together and she glowed radiant.

My Dog Was There
Behind her was my beloved dog, Spuddy, who had passed away just three years before. An interesting note, my mother always told me that I had loved that dog more than anything else. I can tell you he looked great, like a dog of four or five years of age, even though he passed away at the age of 16. He came out joyously prancing behind her. She stopped when she was just above me and looked down. It was then that I told her to "come on down"...

Wake Up Time
As soon as I uttered those words to her the phone rang and woke me up out of the dream. Believe it or not, it was the hospital informing me that she had JUST PASSED AWAY. To be honest, I don't really remember much of that conversation. All I had just seen came flooding into my mind, and I just sat in awe for quite some time reflecting on how my mother could connect with me upon leaving this world, and how she was able to bring into this connection my one very favorite and beloved dog that she knew I loved so much. I still am in awe when I think of this experience and how we are all really connected.

pets in heaven - my experience

Life Changer
In that moment I understood many things I had not before. I now "know" that we are far more than we think we are away from our everyday lives, and that all, including our animals and pets move on through the gateway to another world after their time here. I really believe that my mother wanted me to know she was okay as she was concerned about me, and I know she somehow was able to let me know those that we love dearly are okay too..

I can tell you after that my life and my beliefs about "what is" totally changed. I want to share my experience with others to let them know that our loved ones and the love we share, whether between our animals or each other never disappears, even though as time passes memories seem so ever distant. There is so much more to life going on than what we just experience with our physical senses...

A Passion to Help Others Through Loss
Since then I have had a great passion for designing sympathy cards, gifts and memorial items for our pets and our loved ones to help those through the pain of loss. This website was also created as a resource for those who have lost their treasured friends and for those trying to comfort others in such a loss. I know that nothing, including our love is ever lost, and I am always looking to create a memorial design or in search of a perfect gift to share that one will truly love and appreciate, as we shall never forget those that we have loved.


Sympathy Gifts
For those who are seeking to give a little gift of sympathy to a friend or loved one for the loss of the pet, I have tried to find the nicest gifts available to share here, and if you're looking for a nice piece of sympathy jewelry, please consider browsing the links to The Animal Rescue Site. I love to support animals in need, and all purchases there do just that. In fact, if anyone knows of any other organization that does the same to support animals, please let me know, I would love to be able to feature their products here to help animals in need. They also have gifts for the animal lover and their pets, if you want to check them out: Shop To Save Animals! Every Purchase Funds At Least 14 Bowls Of Food For Shelter Animals In Need!

Have You Had an Experience You'd Like to Share?
I'd love to hear from you if you've had any type of experience that involves a loved one, especially a pet, as I have been truly fascinated by all that is beyond our physical world. Please share your experience or comments below.

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